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One-on-Ones Overview
One-on-Ones Overview

Ready for more structured in-person progress reports and feedback? Learn more about using 1:1s in Breezy Perform.

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One-on-ones between managers and direct reports are a great way to share feedback, discuss career development, and stay aligned on goals.

In Breezy Perform, managers can set up structured, recurring 1:1 discussions to help make the most of those in-person conversations.

Breezy 1:1s help by:

  • Keeping important topics top of mind

  • Providing structure to in-person conversations

  • Helping both managers and employees prepare ahead of time

  • Providing conversation starters to get everyone engaged

The 1:1s view

The 1:1s view gives you a place to view and edit one-on-one conversations with your manager and your direct reports, if any. You can also add other employees if you’d like to plan one-on-ones outside your immediate team.

To access 1:1s:

  1. Click 1:1s in the left sidebar.

  2. Click a name in the people list to view details for your 1:1 with that person.

The screen is divided into 3 main sections:

  • The people list

  • Details

  • Other info

When you click a name in the list, the details section in the center of the screen will give you a full view of details for your 1:1s with that person, including:

  • The 1:1 schedule

  • Discussion topics

  • Conversation starters

  • Action items

  • History of discussed topics

On the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see a snapshot of other relevant info, including:

  • Goals

  • Feedback

Note: You’ll only see goals and feedback for your direct reports or other employees’ info that is available to you.

One-on-ones view in Breezy Perform

How to create a 1:1

You can create a 1:1 with anyone who appears on your people list.

To create a 1:1 with someone:

  1. Click 1:1s in the left sidebar.

  2. Click a name on the people list.

  3. Choose options to schedule and add details to the 1:1 conversation:

    • Edit Schedule to create or update a recurring 1:1

    • Add topic to create discussion topics

    • Conversation Starters to create a guide for your conversations

    • Action Items to create tasks or topics for completion or follow-up

By default, your people list includes your manager and your direct reports, if any. To add people outside your immediate team:

  1. Click 1:1s in the left sidebar.

  2. Click the Add icon (plus sign) next to People.

  3. Enter a name to search for an individual or team.

  4. Choose a name from the list of results.

  5. Click Add.

The person you added will appear below your direct reports on the people list.


You can add any topics you like to a 1:1 conversation, to create a structured agenda and stay on top of important subjects or goals.

You can keep topics private or share them with your 1:1 colleague, and can edit or reorder topics at any time. If you’ve shared the topic, the other participant can edit and add comments as well.

Active topics appear on the Open Topics section of the 1:1’s details. When you’ve covered a topic in an in-person meeting and want to archive it, you can close the topic.

Working with one-on-one topics in Breezy Perform

Need to find a closed topic or make one active again? You can search for and reopen closed topics in the Discussed Topics section.

The discussed topics section of Breezy Perform one-on-ones

Conversation Starters

Conversation starters are question and subject templates you can use as topics to kick off your 1:1s.

You can add conversation starters (and edit them just like topics) from the details section of the 1:1s view. They’ll appear on the topics list, right along with your other topics.

Conversation starters for one-on-ones in Breezy Perform

Action Items

In addition to topics, you can use action items to track specific items for discussion or follow-up in your 1:1s.

You can add action items from the details section of the 1:1s view, by entering info to the blank item at the top of the Action Items list. You can assign the action item to yourself or the other 1:1 participant, and either of you can check the item off when it’s completed.

You can also filter your view, to switch between open and closed action items, and delete action items.

Adding an action item to a one-on-one in Breezy Perform

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