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Getting Started: Create a Goal
Getting Started: Create a Goal
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In Perform, goals are at the heart of engaging your team. ❤️

As an admin, you can create goals at the company level to set the course and keep the whole gang headed in the right direction.

From there, you or your managers can create goals for their departments and individual team members can create their own personal goals.

Everyone can align those goals upward, to have a clear view of your company’s objectives. 🙌

To create a goal:

  1. Click Goals in the left sidebar.

  2. Choose a goal type from the top of the window (Me, My Team, Departments, or Company).

  3. Click Create Goal in the top-right corner.

  4. Choose from visibility, status, and date options.

  5. Follow the steps to add details with a template or from scratch.

Creating a department-level goal in Breezy Perform

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