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Getting Started: Create a Goal
Getting Started: Create a Goal
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In Perform, goals are at the heart of connecting with your team. ❤️

You can create goals for yourself to track progress on anything—from specific tasks and projects to personal and career development.

Then, you can align those goals with department and company-level goals to stay on track with the rest of the crew.

When you create a personal goal, you can decide whether everyone in the company can see it or just you and your manager, and you can save it in draft status until you’re ready to share.

To create a goal:

  1. Click Goals in the left sidebar.

  2. Click Create Goal in the top-right corner.

  3. Choose from visibility, status, and date options.

  4. Follow the steps to add details with a template or from scratch.

Creating a goal in Breezy Perform

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