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Getting Started: Set Up a 1:1
Getting Started: Set Up a 1:1
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Regular one-on-one check-ins can make all the difference in keeping everyone working together toward their goals.

Managers and direct reports—and even co-workers—can schedule recurring 1:1s to be sure they’re staying connected. Any participant can add topics and action items to their 1:1 agendas, and even kick things off with prepared conversation starters. 💬

To get started:

  1. Click 1:1s in the left sidebar.

  2. Choose or add a person to meet with.

  3. Choose or edit options to:

    • Edit your recurring 1:1 schedule

    • Add discussion topics

    • Add conversation starters to kick off your meetings

    • Add action items for participants

Customizing a one-on-one agenda in Breezy Perform

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