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Giving Recognition
Giving Recognition

Give a shout-out to a teammate! Learn more about recognizing someone in Breezy Perform.

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Giving recognition in Breezy Perform is like giving a shout-out to a co-worker with positive, proactive, and constructive feedback. 🙌

Recognition is a type of feedback that’s created the same way as other types. But unlike others, the creator can opt to share recognition with the whole company, so everyone can see it on their own dashboard and feedback view.

How to give recognition

To recognize someone:

  1. Click the Feedback button on your dashboard, profile view, or feedback view.

  2. Click the Feedback Type dropdown and select Recognize someone.

  3. Click the Recipient dropdown and enter your co-worker’s name. You can add multiple recipients.

  4. Enter your feedback in the Comment field.

  5. Click the Select who to share your feedback with dropdown and choose whether to share with everyone, just the recipient, or the recipient and their manager(s).

  6. Click Submit.

Once you submit recognition, your co-worker can find it in the Feedback section of their profile view and in the Recognition section of their dashboard. If you share it with the whole company, everyone will see it in the Recognition section of their dashboard.

Giving recognition in Breezy Perform

Note: The Recognition section of the dashboard displays the 3 most recent posts. You can find a full history of recognition posts in the Recognition section of the feedback view.

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