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360 Team Feedback
360 Team Feedback

360 team feedback helps your team give and receive feedback from each other. Learn more about 360 feedback in Breezy Perform.

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With 360 team feedback in Breezy Perform, entire teams can provide feedback to each other—right from their dashboard. So for a team of 6 people, you could send up to 36 individual feedback requests with just a few clicks! 💥

How to request 360 team feedback

You can initiate 360 feedback to collect input from a group of employees about one another. Each team member can see the feedback submitted about them, but not the feedback given to other participants.

To request 360 feedback:

  1. Click the Employee Feedback button on your dashboard, profile view, or feedback view.

  2. Click the Feedback Type dropdown and select 360 team feedback.

  3. Click the Participants field and begin typing a coworker's name.

  4. Click the correct name(s) in the list of results. You can add up to 9 participants total (including yourself).

  5. Click to check or uncheck I will participate… if you’d like to give and receive feedback along with the participants you selected.

  6. Click to check or uncheck default Questions For Request.

  7. Enter custom questions in the Custom Questions fields, if you’d like to create your own questions.

    • You can include a total of 5 questions on your feedback request, whether default or custom questions.

  8. Click Next.

  9. Add a title and description, if you like.

  10. Click Submit.

Requesting 360 Team Feedback in Breezy Perform

All participants will receive an email and an action item on their dashboard and can respond to it from there or from their feedback view.

Each participant can find the feedback given about them on the feedback tab of their profile and in their feedback view.

The manager can also see feedback about their direct reports in the Feedback section of reviews and 1:1s.

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