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Wondering what’s included in the reports that are sent at the end of a review cycle? Learn more about review reports in Breezy Perform.

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Whether you’re an individual contributor (IC) or a manager, you’re considered the “reviewee” in your performance review cycle. At the end of a review cycle, your manager will review and release a final Review Report, which is a compilation of the feedback you received during the cycle.

How to access your review report

You’ll get an email notification when your report is released, and you can access the report in your Reviews view. Your primary manager and account admins also have access to the report.

To access your report:

  1. Click Review in the left sidebar.

  2. Click Switch Review Cycles near the top of the window and choose the correct review cycle.

  3. Click View Report near the top of the window.

The report for that review cycle will be displayed. You can view each report section by clicking an option in the left sidebar.

Note: Managers and employees will only be able to see feedback that has been shared with them.

Opening a review report in Breezy Perform

Report Sections

By default, the reviewee report is divided into 3 sections. Your view may vary with the options your admin or manager chose when they set up the review cycle or the report.

Question Breakdown

The Question Breakdown section includes all the feedback received on each question of the review, grouped by relationship type (e.g. Direct Report, Manager, Self, Peers).

Overall Summary

The Overall Summary section shows the average score of rating scale questions on the review.

Summary by Category

The Summary by Category section shows average scores of rating scale questions on the review, grouped by category.

Note: If the length of rating scales on review questions are not the same, they will not be shown.

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