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Reviews Overview

Performance reviews help everyone understand their impact and stay in sync on goals. Learn more about review cycles in Breezy Perform.

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Reviews are an important part of understanding employee performance. In Breezy Perform, you can use reviews to gather feedback from employees and their managers.

This input can help individuals and teams align on goals, clarify expectations, and understand their impact on others and the team.

Admins can set up reviews in their admin options, and employees can access the reviews they need to complete or deliver under Reviews.

A Typical Review Cycle

Employees are notified by email when a review cycle is launching. Individual contributors (direct reports) will complete a self-evaluation by responding to questions in the review. Managers will evaluate their direct reports in the same way. Then, the manager and the direct report will meet and discuss their responses. Once the review is finalized, the manager will deliver review reports.

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Completing Reviews

You’ll receive a notification, likely via email, that a review cycle has been launched for you. You can access reviews for yourself, and for direct reports, with the Review menu in Breezy Perform. If you’re a manager, you’ll have additional options and actions for reviewing direct reports.

The latest review cycle will be open by default. If you need to switch to a different cycle, click Switch Review Cycles in the top-right corner to choose a different cycle from the selector.

Reviews that you need to complete will be listed under Fill Out Reviews.

Reviews to be completed in Breezy Perform

If you’re a manager, reports that need to be delivered to your employees will be listed under Finish Reviews. You can access reviews that have been completed, and deliver reports to your employees, with the View and Deliver button on the right-hand side.

Reviews that have been completed in Breezy Perform

Creating and launching reviews

If you’re an admin, you can create and manage review cycles in your admin options. You can use the basic review template as-is, tweak the settings to suit your company’s needs, or create your own from scratch.

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