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How to Complete a Performance Review - for Employees
How to Complete a Performance Review - for Employees

A self-assessment is helpful for reflecting on progress and goals. Learn more about self-evals as part of performance reviews in Breezy.

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If your performance review includes a self-evaluation, you can complete it anytime while the review cycle is open.

Your view and options may vary, depending on your role. If you’re a manager, you’ll see more options than a direct report who doesn’t manage other employees.

Preparing for your performance review

Your self-assessment is a great opportunity to reflect on your impact and progress since the last review cycle. Before finalizing and submitting your self-review, take some time to think about your progress, goals, and needs.

Ask yourself things like:

  • What kind of impact have I made - not just with my job requirements, but with coworkers, clients, etc.?

  • How can I tie my impact to the metrics my team/department/company cares about?

  • What are some areas that I want to develop?

  • What have I learned since the last review cycle?

  • What are my professional development goals?

  • What resources do I need to be successful in my role?

  • Where can I take on more responsibility, and how does that add value to my team/ department/company?

  • How do I want to receive feedback, so I can be objective and make improvements where needed?

How to complete your self-evaluation

You’ll receive an email or notification when a review cycle launches. You can access your self-evaluation from a link in the notification or from the Review page in Breezy.

  1. Click Review in the left sidebar.

  2. Check the name of the review cycle near the top of the window. Click Switch Review Cycles if you need to complete a different review than the one shown.

  3. Click Review to the right of your name.

  4. Add a response to each question on the review form.

  5. Click Save as Draft to save your work and finish it later.

  6. Click Submit to submit your review.

Completing a self-evaluation in Breezy Perform

Your manager will be notified when your self-evaluation is done. Once your review cycle is complete, you can view the report in Review under the relevant Review Cycle. It will also be available in the Reviews section of your Employee Profile, and in future reviews, it will be listed in the side panel under Past Review Reports.

Viewing a review report in Breezy Perform

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